April has always been an exam month for me as I said in my previous posts. So this month’s post for Georgie‘s monthly linkup is on one such exam day. This was a special one, even though I had an exam, because today is my little sister’s birthday! My day began in a very shocking way at around 4:30-4:35 am. I had some how fallen asleep around 2:00 am while studying and when I woke up, I had only about 2 hours before I had to go to the college! I had almost no time left for studying and the syllabus for today’s paper was too vast. All the amount of revision I was doing felt less. On top of it, I had this massive guilt for falling asleep at a very wrong time. I know it’s not right to stay awake at night before an exam but I happen to study the most during the wee hours when the world is asleep, I have no idea why! I guess this particular  subject was just too heavy to study at night! I was so scared to appear for the paper that I was feeling like I wouldn’t be able to do my best. DCN, i.e. Data Communications and Networking, was one of my best subject in my Bachelor’s degree and to think that I was frightened to write it today was the most depressing thing! I even expressed this thoughts to my friends, but then I realized that we were all in the same boat! But when I did get the paper, it turned out to be not that bad. I could write something and after writing a couple of answers I even got my confidence back. In the end it wasn’t the perfect paper I had ever written but I think I’ll get a decent score (fingers crossed :P) The rest of the time in college went in discussing the paper -.- -.- There is no escaping this in my college. You can never tell when some one will suddenly ask you about what you have written in the paper and when the paper is of 100 marks with a lot of 2 marks questions, the number of doubts is infinite! Sometimes the doubts and queries don’t end even several hours after reaching home and I do the same and even I do the same at times…(this one is for you, Riyal :P). But then I don’t know what difference it is going to make. It may be of some help even we get our results but on the day of the exam it is mostly depressing! Today, being my sister’s birthday,  the evening was dedicated to her. I am actually glad that I had the paper today and not tomorrow and that the next paper is on Saturday and so I was free today. We didn’t have a big celebration because since my sister is now in her 10th standard and will be appearing for her SSC board exams next year, she was busy with her school and classes. Today, it was the first time that she could celebrate her birthday in school. That’s because 23rd April falls usually in the school vacation period and this year because she has a month of school in the vacation time because of 10th standard extra lectures, she got a chance to celebrate it with her school friends! 😀 We ordered two pizzas from Domino’s Pizza and my mom made some pudding (Caramel Custard) and we had a fun time. I gifted my sister a wallet because she needs one now that she has to go to classes and all.  Mom and Dad gave her a new Fastrack watch :D. image image All in all today was a crazy day and now I must return to my dear books! It’s Object Oriented Analysis and Design time now! 😛