April has been an exam month for almost my entire life, and this year is no different.


Since, I entered college, exams didn’t mean only the theory exams, it meant the heavy submissions, the practical exams and the vivas!

This hasn’t changed even one bit for post graduation exams. Submissions mean make thick files of all the programs or projects we did the semester. I never understood the purpose of it seeing that we always show our completed to our subject teachers after every practical. It only leads to the piles and piles of scrap paper, I feel. The worst part of it is standing forever outside the xerox shops for getting the prints. I am sure the shops around VJTI love submission time!

We don’t have practical exams anymore because we are subjected to continuous examination in the lab work over the semester. But that makes the viva part more important that it ever was. The viva is not very bad as long as you know the subject well. But this semester I was and still am particularly scared of some vivas. I don’t know, those subjects make me a lot nervous than I usually am!

On Thursday, I have my the last of my vivas and from 21st of April to 6th of May I have my last theory papers!

Seeing that the papers are from next Tuesday, I am super scared about how I am gonna finish studying everything and revising it as well in such a small amount of time!

What exam tips can you all give me?