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This is an entry for the monthly link up of Georgie’s A Day in the Life. I was supposed to write this post a week back, but due to my work load, i couldn’t, I’m sorry! So on 19th of March, my day began a little late, all thanks to me being awake till wee hours working on some programs for the practical session. I woke up around 6:45 and I had to leave for college before 7:15 to catch my usual train at 7:40. I knew it wasn’t possible and so I decided to catch the 7:55 train though I knew I was gonna be a little late, but I didn’t have any other option! 😦 Luckily the train was empty and I got a window seat. I love sitting in the window especially in the morning; it refreshes me after my sprint of running to the station! Here is a quick photo of the train :p : IMG_20150319_074743092[1] College days on Thursdays are not that bad, and as we have more interesting lectures that don’t put us to sleep, the day kind of breezes away. This Thursday was even better because there was a ICC World Cup, 2015 match going on between India and Bangladesh and it was a Quarter Final match so my gang of girls were only talking about the scores and who would win! So in the lectures when we got time, We kept checking the scores! 😀 😀 (It did cost me my Net Pack, because I spent almost 450 MB of data in checking the live score!).  The match became even more interesting when all the boys decided to watch the match on my friend, Anirudh’s laptop in our lunch break and eventually connected it to the projector and we actually watched the last few overs of the first innings on the projector! It was a stunt I don’t know how we managed to pull off! If I had a bucket list for what all mischief I can do in college, this would make it to the top of the list! 😛 IMG_20150319_130639626[1] Now, the most important activity of my college routine is the lunch. My friends and me make it a point to eat our lunch together everyday (well almost) irrespective of how busy we are or how much pending work we have to complete! At least 7 of us eat together and sometimes 3 more join us and we get to eat a variety of food everyday! We even had a Pav Bhaji party once, where one of my friends had got a big container of the Pav Bhaji (The pav-bhaji is a spicy preparation with a mixture of vegetables, either whole or mashed, which is consumed with warm bread, the most popular dish in Mumbai) and with two packets of sliced bread to eat with it! Here are some pictures of our lunch session : IMG_20150123_130330392[1] IMG_20150319_132103497_HDR[1] The rest of the day was a little boring which I spent on pondering over my work load and how to get it done in one day before I could go for a weekend trip. As the term draws to an end the pile of work seems to be getting a lot bigger and that is the main reason I am writing this entry now, almost after a week! I know this entry should have been posted on the day I actually did all this, but unfortunately I had spent that evening till around 11 pm working on my OOAD lab work and I had called it a day at 11:30 pm! 😦