It seems like I am always blogging about my studies these days!

I had my in-semester exams from last Wednesday till Friday. The first IST of the new semester. It was a very tiring affair because we had two papers every day and no holiday between two days. All in all, I needed a break after the papers!

So, I went to the HT Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2015 on Saturday. It was really awesome and the whole thing took my mind of the stress that the exams had caused. I returned home by evening (5 pm) and my mom surprised me by saying that we were going out for a trip around the city and then for dinner!

We went all the way to Marine Drive, which is almost 1 and 1/2 hour drive from my home but because it was Valentine’s day, the promenade was full of couples and it was a bit awkward for a family to go and sit among them -_-

Unfortunately for us we left a little late for the drive and so by the time we reached the hotel we were planning to go to, it was already 10:45 pm! We were stuck in traffic for almost half an hour and so we were delayed but luckily the hotels were still bustling with customers and we had a great dinner!

Even Sunday was equally relaxing and I was fully refreshed for college on Monday! Luckily, this week is gonna be a great one with a holiday every alternate day (Tuesday and Thursday!) and the fact that only 4 weeks are left before the semester gets over is boosting my spirits! 😀 😀

Some photos of Kala Ghoda Festival (please forgive me for the quality, they are all photos taken by a mobile camera)

IMG_20150214_134224253[1] IMG_20150214_134309860_HDR[1] IMG_20150214_134643703_HDR[1] IMG_20150214_134711643[1] IMG_20150214_134112080[1] IMG_20150214_135019295 IMG_20150214_141116248_HDR IMG_20150214_135307718 IMG_20150214_133909581_HDR[1]