This is a super random rant post, because this topic came to me out of nowhere.

I have always heard people saying that coffee is the best, coffee helps in pulling an all-night study session, etc. but for me, it is a nice hot cup of tea which helps me in staying refreshed.

When can I have a cup of tea? Well, any time, literally! The first thing that I need after I wake up is a cup of tea, and since then I can have it in small amounts numerous times in a day!

A cup of tea with a good novel is the best every combination for me, but apart from that tea is something you can get anywhere! For long hours of journey, in a train or a car, even if you don’t get food, you can always rely on tea, which even in small tea stalls along the roads, tastes just as heavenly as ever!

I haven’t been partial to any one type of tea, though I do need milk in my tea and at least a little sugar (no black tea or sugar-free tea for me :P) and I haven’t given green tea a try yet, but I would like to try all the several different types of tea out there in the world!

What’s your favourite beverage?