After saying I will blog on Wednesday, today I’m finally getting the time to actually do so.

This will be a blog dedicated completely to the ACM ICPC competition.


As I had said in my previous 2 posts, I was selected, rather my team was selected from my college to compete in the regionals (semifinals) which was to be conducted at IIT Kharagpur. After a lot of debates, doubt and worries, we decided to go for the regionals… We had many setbacks like, two of our team members’ flight getting canceled. But we didn’t let that stop us and we still went for the regionals (only 2 our of 4).

The journey was a memorable one for me since it was my first time in an aero plane, first time that I went alone somewhere by train without my parents and it was my first visit at an IIT.

The competition itself was a tough one… But the fact that we managed to solve one problem in first 20 mins was a big achievement for us and also that we attempted 5 more problems…

The best part of the whole trip was the food they had arranged for us, be it the breakfast, lunch or dinner. West Bengal is famous for its sweet delicacies and also its fish and I got to eat both of those things along with chicken curries and mutton biryani!

Also the campus was so huge and beautiful! It was spread over 2100 acres of land. As my guesthouse was about 15 minutes walking distance away from the computer center where the competition was to be conducted, I could see at least some part of the IIT campus.

The worst part of the trip, maybe, was the traveling. Though I was a first time flyer, apart from the take off and the landing part, I found the whole in-the-air experience quite boring. The more boring and tiring journey was the one from Kharagpur to back home by train which was a journey of 31 hours. It was the worst journey I have ever endured. Even though we were two of us and we did have each other to talk to and all, we couldn’t get a seat properly. We were in a compartment with two upper berths and two lower berths and we, with our bad luck, got the upper berths and on the lower berths were a old couple, who absolutely refused to let us sit on seats during the day when everyone else were sitting down. The lady was spread out on her berth for the whole time till we reached Mumbai, but whenever her husband  tried to let us sit for having our lunch/dinner, she used to start cribbing to him about us. We were actually confined to the upper berths for so long that we felt like we were in some rail prison :'(:'(

All in all it was an experience of a life time and I am looking forward to participate in the next year’s regionals!

Oh, here are a few pictures for you all :


The computer center where the competition was to be conducted.


Anirudh and me. The VJTI team.