My semester end exams are finally round the corner and I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time went by since I got admitted for the MCA course! My exams begin on 26th of November and will finish on 8th of December. Since it is a 100 marks exam, we get a day off or a weekend off between every two papers.

Coming to the other most important thing, my team and I got selected for Aisa Regionals of ACM ICPC competition, which I had blogged about a few weeks back. The competition will be conducted at IIT Kharagpur in two weeks time. but since the competition comes right in between my exam, my college is trying to exempt us from writing the last paper and we would have to appear for it in January. I am really hoping our request will be accepted by the Director of VJTI because this is a very renowned coding competition which would have a huge impact on my résumé and on my job prospects.

Since the contest is on the very next day after my second last paper and because travelling by train to Kharagpur takes a minimum of 30 hours. We decided to fly there as it takes only 2 hours. Now I have never been on a plane and I am very much intimidated by the idea of flying. I know it sounds strange but I never got an opportunity before this to be on a plane and never felt the need either since all the cities of India are well-connected via roads and rails and airways is mostly needed when you don’t have the luxury of time or you are flying out of the country.

In any case, i really hope our request for re-examination is accepted and that we go for this competition, and I get to do my share for helping my team in trying to win the regionals.

What tips can you give me about flying?