I haven’t posted in almost two weeks because my in-semester exams were conducted last week from 3rd Nov and it was a hectic time! I was actually tired of looking at my books… Though it was just one week since Diwali, I was feeling immensely tired. So I had decided to treat myself with a movie on this weekend under any circumstances and so I went for an early morning show of “Big Hero 6” with my little sister, on Saturday morning.

I have always loved watching animated movies and Big Hero 6 was truly an awesome movie and I hope I can write a review of it… 😁😁

After the movie, we even went for a little brunch in McDonald’s, which was another first in ages! This all was a little treat for my sister as she had undergone 4 teeth extractions on a single day for her orthodontic treatment.

Rest of the day went with the preparations for Sunday. We were to go to my maternal grandparents’ place for lunch on Sunday morning. So we decided to go on a drive around Mumbai first and then go to my grandparents’ place. Though I live near Mumbai (Thane is 45 minutes from south Mumbai), but we had never driven in the city. My college is properly in the city so I travel there everyday and I am quite familiar with the roads around my college but my dad isn’t. So we literally just drove the city randomly without taking any stops. My dad wanted to drive on the Bandra-Worli sealink and so our first destination was the sealink. From there we just drove to my college, VJTI, because my sister wanted to see why college campus is said to be so beautiful. Then we just took a turn and went all the way to Fort, CST and then went to my grandparents’ place in Sion. 😁😁😁

And then my grandparents along with my grandparents made our day even better by celebrating my dad’s 50th birthday (belatedly) in a very traditional manner! I had forgotten to post about my dad’s birthday. My sister and me had planned a little midnight celebration on my dad’s birthday which is on 22nd of Sept and then my mom had decided to gift my dad a mobile. My dad had a some aversion to touch screen mobiles but I wanted to teach him how to use it so that he and I would stop fighting over the PC. So we finalized Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) which is a better version of my Moto G and ordered it via FlipKart and we gifted it to him along with a small cake at the stroke of midnight …😝

My grandparents and uncles also celebrated it in a grand and memorable way and even gave my dad some gifts that we will all remember for ever! 

All in all my weekend was really great after slogging for the whole week for the exam… And this week has been no better… Thanks to the semester ending we have 10 hours college and submissions every single day. I’ll elaborate on this topic in my later posts. Also I may review Big Hero 6 and also The host by Stephanie Meyer, which I finished reading last week in midst of my exams😝😝😝

And how have you all been?