Its been a long long time since my last post and there are various reasons for it. Mainly it has been college work that has kept me so busy. In the past three weeks, we had our first In – Semester Tests (IST) and they were a real disappointment for me. Not that they were too difficult or anything, I just wasn’t prepared enough. 😑 Well I have to do a lot work to get a better score next time… i.e. in October.

The college life itself is going on in a pretty boring way. I have got some really awesome new friends, but then I’m not a person who can adjust in a group of 10 people because I believe in close friends whom I can trust rather than just a group of friends who may turn their back to me when I need them. So, it is taking a while for me to get to know everyone around me. In any case, I have found these two friends : Riyal and Priyanka, who are so much like me and I love hanging out with them!

What I hate about this college is the partial behavior of a few teachers towards a few students. I have been a favorite student of all the teachers (I know I am bragging) back in my old college, SIES, but I don’t remember that any of those teachers had ever opening said that I was their favorite student in front of the whole class! This can and should irritate and anger other students! This / these teacher(s) actually ignore few of us and pay extra attention toward their favorites. I don’t know what is the point of doing this because we are Post Graduation students and not school kids!

Well apart from all this, the biggest problem that is causing me to not blogg or blog hop (sorry guys) is because my PC is down for 2 weeks now. My desktop is an All-in-One desktop of HP and its LCD has some problem… Now since it comes under the warranty period, and the company has to change it for free no one is bothering to turn up on time and repair it. It has become really irritating since I can’t do any work… And I have to use my mobile for all browsing work… Luckily Anirudh gave me his laptop for almost a week but since I don’t have WiFi at home I couldn’t use the net on the laptop… HP people have really tested my patience now… If they stretch it for one more week, I’m pretty sure I’ll go mad!

There have been some pretty interesting things in this September but I’ll write about them in the next blog.
(This has been blogged from my Moto G  😝)