First of all, I’m not trying to a grammar police or anything, but this post is about something that was irritating me for the past few days. My English is not the strongest but I am sure my basic English and Grammar is perfect, so when some one frames a very weird grammatical incorrect sentence, it irks me! I am not against SMS language but I am against incorrect sentence formation!

When should you use “said” and “told” in indirect speech?

These days my problem is people don’t seem to know that a word called “told” exists. I know I can’t expect people to be fluent in English like an Englishman, but when you have done your schooling in English and now are doing your post graduation, it is expected that your basic sentence formations are correct.

So when people try to speak English or chat in English, I have heard people say things like “He said me.” instead of “He told me.” or “He said me to go ” instead of “He asked/told me to go”.

Basically , “said” is used when you’re changing a statement in directed speech to indirect speech and it is usually followed by “that”.

“told” on the other hand is used when you change a request to indirect speech.

It is very irritating to read such sentences, though I know it is not a big thing but I feel tomorrow when we go out in the world to work and earn a spot, the most important thing that will matter is how you communicate. When English is considered to be a global language and you want to flaunt it, I think everyone should have a proper command over it.

What happens in India is, everyone tries to incorporate English words with their own mother tongue or with Hindi. The problem is, neither will your English improve nor will your mother tongue. I think every Indian should speak Hindi perfectly, should know their mother tongue properly (for me it is Marathi) and should be able to flaunt their English! 😀

This one more post in my Random Rant category, hope you like it! 😀