I’m very very sorry that I am posting after two whole weeks… But you actually can’t blame me, I was a bit busy with adjusting with the new college, new timings and everything!

My new college, VJTI, is a really decent college with a beautiful and huge campus. More important thing about it is, it’s not horribly far from my home. I mean, I do need to commute there by the Mumbai local trains but over all it’s about an hour away from my home, which really is not that bad. Teaching wise this college is sort of mediocre, because it seems all big government colleges believe that their students should learn as much as they can On Their Own! πŸ˜› So, barring one or two, our teachers hardly teach us anything or if they do, we don’t understand it! I better not getting into this topic or else I doubt I’ll stop!

The best part of VJTI is the MCA crowd. I don’t know if I posted in my previous post, that Anirudh is my college, and my class! (yay). Also, my classmates are really awesome, and for the first time in my education history, I have made friends and a group in less that two weeks! We have our college WhatsApp group which helped us a lot to gel with each other. Actually, initially, that group used to get about 200-300 msgs per hour when everyone was active! πŸ˜›

Also, I found the Second Year MCA students really nice. They have had been encouraging us to take an initiative and participate in the annual fests of VJTI : Technovanza, Pratibimb and Enthusia.

Technovanza is a technical annual fest of the college where all the different departments have their various events. We, FY students, had to come up with proposals for the events that the MCA department organizes in Technovanza. Anirudh and I came up with a proposal for an event based on Java and we were selected immediately as Event Heads (woohoo!). All in all, the past two weeks had some really fun moments!

the only big downside of VJTI is its schedule. We are gonna have our college from 9-5… but when the college ends at 5… it is a mad time. The local trains are horribly jam packed and entering such trains is a disaster! People shout at you for bringing bags with you (WTH), they try to squeeze you from all sides and if by mistake your cellphone happens to be in your hand…. you and your phone are dead! And this is the scenario of First class ladies compartment where there are supposed to be less people compared to the Second Class compartment or as a matter of fact, least amount of people in the entire train! But sadly that never is the case. So everytime my college is to end at 5, I have pray with all my might that I get a little empty train in which I can safely enter and reach home!

More on my college adventures, as GeorgieΒ rightly said, soon!

(P.S. Now we have a 4 day-weekend holiday, in the honor of the Indian Independance Day! Jai Hind! )