As I said in my previous post, I turned 21 and also graduated in July. Well, the excitement of the month didn’t end there.

On 25th of July, the CAP (centralized admission procedure) rounds for post graduation admission started. Like I said before, I’m applying for the course of Masters of Computer Applications (MCA). In the CAP rounds we are supposed to give our college preferences according to the marks that we have got and according to the previous years cut off. As my marks were not that bad and my university rank in the entrance exam was 14 I decided to give only one college choice. It was a bit of a gamble because if I didn’t get that college I was out from the rounds and I wouldn’t be able to try again.

Luckily, I got that college. We got the results on 28th… At 1 am!!! They were supposed to declare it at 5 pm… And stretched it to 1 am… It was so maddening. And we were supposed to confirm our admissions by a maximum of 3 days from 28th.
Anyway, I got the college of my choice and dreams, V.J.T.I.. It’s one of the best colleges for engineering and other technical courses in Maharashtra and India too. I’m very much excited about it! 😀

The last three days have been a blur. Firstly it is pouring in the city, and Mumbai is prone to waterlogging every year. So travelling around the city becomes a big pain. I had to go to my new college for admission. Then go to my old college for various docs that my new college requires. All the things were so tiring but in the end the reward was sweet!

So today, as the new month begins I begin my 3 year journey of post graduation in VJTI. Woohoo!

I’ll post again later about how the new College actually is. 😀

(Posting this while travelling to college)