So, I’m finally am a proud owner of Motorola Moto G ! It is sort of my graduation gift from my parents (and my last phone from them!).



I ordered from Flipkart on Sunday evening with a purple flip cover and I was supposed to get the delivery by 9th of July, i.e. Wednesday. But Flipkart usually tends to deliver the product much before the actual delivery date. So it wasn’t surprising when I got my purple flip cover on Monday itself since it was being shipped from a place close to my home in Thane. But Moto G was being shipped from Bangalore, a city in southern India and not really near to Mumbai. So I thought the phone will be delivered by Wednesday. And I had a shock of my life when I woke up today morning at 10 am (very late, I know, but since I am on vacation, I tend to sleep in!), and the door bell rang, and I opened the door to see the Flipkart person standing with my parcel! One whole day early!

So far, I’m not disappointed with the phone at all… it has all the things that I need. Since I was a Nokia user for so many years, I was a bit reluctant to buy a phone of any other company. Nokia is known for it’s sturdiness and I tend to be butterfingers at times, but then I read so much about Moto G in the past few months that I fell in love with this phone.

My budget wasn’t very high, but Moto G fit my budget perfectly, giving features of a top range phone with the latest Android Kitkat OS!  I am an Android user for the first time, and I am pretty excited about it. I know now most of the people have an iPhone, but I don’t regret it. I believe that if u want something you should earn it… and I don’t think I have earned an iPhone as of now! I’ll give an in-depth review of the phone maybe after a moth, but so far I have loved it!

I had a lovely time today playing about with my phone. I had to go and get my SIM card cut since my phone supports a microSim and I had been using a phone which supported a miniSIM. Now my SIM card is properly activated and the phone is now working! All in all, it was a very hectic day!

Well guys, if you are Android users or have been one, which apps would you suggest me to download? Also, I usually don’t name stuffs (but then most stuffs aren’t entirely my own to name them) but this time I would like to name my new Moto G. I can’t think of one particular name! Please suggest me some good names.

BTW, who all are watching the semi-finals tonight?