These days there are two questions that I am being asked by almost everyone :

“What am I doing in vacations?”


“What am I doing after graduation? “

Though these questions startled and threw me off-balance initially and I was even surprised by the amount of inquisitiveness of a few people , I am now pretty used to it. Finally, the latter question is quite easy to answer now.

One year back if someone would have asked me what I was gonna do after I graduate, I would have most probably said I’m gonna study ahead and pursue a Post Graduate degree. Exactly what I didn’t know myself.

Six months back the answer would have been, “entrance mein ache marks mile toh MCA, warna MSc” (If I get good marks in the entrance exam then I’ll do MCA, otherwise MSc).

One month back the answer was if I get great marks in entrance exams then MCA or else I’ll take up the job offer in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).

Now my answer is and will till I get my graduation results : If I pass MCA otherwise I have no idea! 😦 As my MCA results are out n I’ve got a good percentile (I’ll get to know the ranks tomorrow), I know I’ll get admission into one of the top colleges in Mumbai. That much is guaranteed. But now I’m panicking over my TY results so much that my family is fed up of me talking about failing. I can’t even remember if any of 5 major papers were good and so I am not able to convince myself of the alternate! So that answers the 2nd question.

Coming to the first question, I have a few answers for that one question which I am gonna list down.

  • I’m spending my time in the house trying to avoid the great Mumbai summer heat.
  • I’m sitting in the corner of my room reading a few books. (I’ll show you my books)
  • I’m wasting my vacations by sleeping all day.
  • I have become an anime freak in the last two months, watching anime after anime on YouTube.

I guess that’s my list, but since none of these answers actually describe my really fun vacations of 2014, I end up giving this one answer : “NOTHING MUCH” (It sums it all up).

I know this was a really boring post, but then I’m writing it at 2 a.m.! oh ya, this is a pic of the books I’ve recently bought! I know I have too many James Patterson (Georgie, I’m finally reading them!).

New books!

That’s all for now!