As you can see… I have a new theme. Yay!

Being a blogger, doesn’t give me a variety of themes to select from and it doesn’t allow me to upload my own customized themes. But I really liked this theme.

Along with that I’ve made several changes on the blog.

    • I rewrote my About Page.
    • I added a few buttons on my sidebar 😀
    • Created a proper Contact page
    • Explored WordPress 😀

The About page really needed to be sorted out as in my opinion it is an essential part of the site. People usually tend to check that page when they first visit your website! (I do) Also, I got the idea from many other blogs that writing your About Us page in the form of Q & A can be fun to read and very appealing to the reader.

The Contact page was non-existent on my site and I know how important it is to have a contact page on your blog. I dunno how my site was surviving all this time! So, I had to create it from scratch. *whew

I guess that’s all for now 😛