Okay, a friend suggested me this title, while we were chatting on Facebook, and I really liked it… I really am jobless now. I spend more than half of the day staring at my computer, either playing something or watching something. The few things that indicate that I really am completely jobless are :

  • I finished watching the entire 52 episode anime of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles in just about 5-6 days (I am totally in love with that anime)
  • I finished reading 2 books in 3 days. I was doing nothing other than reading… I wish I had studied for the finals with the same dedication. 😛

But now, I have to do something. For starters, I’m gonna post some new stuff on this blog, like recipes. Holly suggested that I could blog about Indian recipes and I’m gonna do just that! Thanks for the idea, Holly. I have tried a few classic recipes in the last month, which I always liked but never knew how easy they were to prepare! So, in my next post, I’ll write one recipe that I had tried 😀 I’m also gonna take book reviewing a bit more seriously now. I’ve lost touch of writing reviews and so I want to write one ASAP 🙂 On the academic front, my MAH-MCA-CET results are out. MAH-MCA-CET is the Common Entrance Test by the state of Maharashtra for the course of MCA (Masters in Computer Applications). Apparently, I’ve got a really good score with the percentile of 99.69. I dunno what my rank is but I don’t think it would be too bad. 😛 Hopefully, if my rank is good enough I should get admission in the best college here in Mumbai. I won’t say the name, I may jinx it! 😛 That’s all for now… Take care , people 😀