I don’t believe it’s already 12th of May. That means it’s been a month since my exams got over! I’ve not blogged a bit in this month but then, I was really busy with so much stuff. I’ve enjoyed my vacations a lot till now. Though there is that nagging  tension of results at the back of mind, I try to enjoy my time as much as I can.

I did a nice course recently which got me acquainted to many new people and I got some nice friends, all if them been at least a year and at the most 5 years younger than me. I had an awesome time with them all. Along with that I’ve explored Mumbai. Since my university exam, I have started roaming about the city and getting familiar with all the famous places, etc.

There were so many places I went to recently like the Gateway of India, the Crawford Market, the Siddhivinayak Temple, Bandstand at Bandra, etc. It was either with friends, or with my family. I even got time to catch up with my old school friends.

I also saw 3 great movies recently. Those were Yellow, 2 States and the Amazing Spider-Man.

Yellow was a Marathi movie about a mentally disabled girl who has become a competitive swimmer and has also won a silver medal at the Special Olympics. It was a very beautiful movie along with English sub-titles if you don’t understand Marathi.

2 States was the movie adaption of the book 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. It was a fun movie about Inter-community marriages. The lead actors : Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor along with Amrita Singh makes the movie worth a watch.

I don’t think I need to say much about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I think I like this series much more than the previous one. I really adored Andrew Garfield. And the movie was worth the money!

Apart from movies, I am reading a lot of books these days. I finished the Fault in Our Stars, which was a totally beautiful book! I’m looking forward for the movie  (but it is not releasing here in India! 😦 :() Now I am reading a lot of Nancy Drew Books and As The Crow Flies by Jeffery Archer.

Here are a few pics of Bandstand :

The Beautiful Arabian Sea at Sunset
And that is me!

So, How are you all?