Hello everyone,

My dear domain, The Dramatic Soul has now expired as you must have all noticed, I’m not a frequent blogger at all, I decided not to invest money to renew that blog. Originally, The Dramatic Soul was a gift prize to me from Gayle, and I enjoyed the blog for an year and I’m really happy about it, but now I’ll mostly stick to this sub-domain.

For me, this website is just a way to vent out my feelings or share something which not possible on any social-media websites or even with friends directly… I know I trouble my affiliates a lot by changing the URL again and again so it’s fine with me even if you remove my link from your respective websites, because I’ve made you people change it most than 5 times now… đŸ˜€ đŸ˜€

What’s happening in my life now-a-days? A lot! I’ve earned myself a horde of enemies on which I’ll elaborate later (maybe), along with a few really great friends, BFFs you can say, and have a lot on my plate currently. Projects + Studies + Entrance Exams preparations… The first month of 2014 has been really busy. The project work has left me completely tired and I’ve started to somewhat resent sitting in front of the PC and working after I reach home! Also we have had some internal exams, some assignments too which had me up almost all night to get it all done…

I had made a resolution that I would blog more this year…. but I’ve not been able to do so yet… Actually I’ve had time to even read a novel properly… It’s so frustrating! I’m either in college, working or studying or I’m at home, trying to catch on my sleep! This has slowly started to take a toll on my health too… *sigh.

That’s too much of my rambling… What is going on with you guys? I’ve not been blog-hopping but I’m gonna visit my favourite blogs soon!

Oh ya, and this is the list of books that I want to read as soon as possible :

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith a.k.a. J.K.Rowling
House of Hades – Rick Riordan
The Throne of Fire – Rick Riordan

Please suggest me some more books!