As I said in my last post, I passed my driving license and I was totally overwhelmed with such an exciting start of 2013. From 2nd January my college reopened and I had to go back to my stressful life of lectures, assignments and exams. But the last two weeks have been so busy! My had guests coming to meet or stay in the 1st week of Jan and then we had a lot of things happening in college as well. We have our internal exams for this semester from 21st Jan, so teachers are running around to complete the syllabus. We also have a couple of assignments to finish off…

My Computer Graphics teacher has given us an assignment to do of the latest input/output technologies… it could be a group project or an individual project. I decided to do an individual project on Capacitive Touch Screens… I got that idea from my own cell phone… I love its touch screen. We have to submit the project tomorrow (i.e. on 14th Jan) and we have to present it… so I have to do a PowerPoint  presentation as well… and I’m nowhere near completing this thing! I mean I haven’t finished the PPT, then I also have to decide my lines for presentation… so much to do and so much less time!

Then, we have to design a software, any software as a practical assignment for my Software Engineering project! I have decided to do a Live Project for my Dad’s Business… which I’ve to finish at least by the end of this month.

Also, I have to do the Foundation Course (a subject for B.Sc.) assignment. It’s a group assignment and I’ve been made a the Group Leader! (I hate such responsibilities) And we have to submit this assignment on 18th Jan!


So on studies front, I’m extremely busy for the next two weeks!

Well that’s all for the moment! Will Blog ASAP! 😀 😀