As i said in my previous post, I’ll be blogging about my 2012 in parts… I’m a bit late on this one, but anyway… I’ll continue…

The second most important thing that I did in 2012 (actually it should be the first most important thing) is that I learnt how to drive!

I had always loved cycling around the town and so I was eagerly waiting for the day when I could finally start driving  fearlessly. In my summer vacations in May-June, my dad completely repaired my mom’s scooterette, Bajaj Spirit and I had again started driving it… I didn’t have any issues with the balancing part of driving… my main problems where that I couldn’t put it on its main stand and I couldn’t kick-start it (its start button didn’t work). After almost one year I finally learnt how to put the bike on the stand… it was a great achievement for me!


After learning that, my dad decided that I should get myself enrolled at a car driving school. So in my Diwali Vacations, I did get myself enrolled at one driving school in my city… I did learn a lot about driving a car, but i didn’t get time to go and give the RTO driving test. here was almost a gap of 3 weeks in my  practice and then I kinda forgot about the techniques in driving a car… So in the Christmas vacation, I practiced a lot on my dad’s car. I was scared to hell while doing so as our car is new… we bought it in 2012 itself . It’s a Hyundai i10 and I totally love my car and I didn’t wanna damage it with my stupid driving!


Finally on 1st January, 2013 I gave my driving test. I wasn’t really confident that I would pass, but luckily it all went well and now I have the license to drive anywhere in India on my bike as well as my car.

This was really one of the great things that I did in 2012.